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Our Services

Farm Drainage

In general on flat grades we use a laser to calculate the grade to suit the particular site. After we have calculated and designed the grade it is then put into the laser. From there we go to the starting point and set up.

Using a grade master with the laser, we cut the drain to the designed grade.

If the grade is exceptionally Flat it pays to leave the pipe out until you can see if there are any imperfections that may cause flow problems.

It is easy to get a bit of water and just go for it but, by using minimum efficient flow grades you are more likely to pick up depth and if you hit gravels then the drain can draw from underneath.

Perforated Pipe

perforated pipeThere has been a lot of talk about pipes ability to draw water. Some farmers prefer tiles but most commonly we tend to install plastic (Smooth bore for flatter grades to increase flow efficiency and corrugated bore for steeper grades).

Clients are using Barley Straw over this to improve its ability to draw and act as a filter.

Another option is to install a light covering of about 50mm to 100mm of filter gravel over the pipe which vastly improves its drawing ability and life.

If you are looking at doing field drainage we can take some levels and help with ideas on what best to do to achieve a good result.

Stock Underpasses

A.G HOFFMAN LTD have specialised in Stock underpasses for since the late 1990’, so far around 30 installations.

Every underpass has uniquely different situations around its design criteria, for example: Owners requirements around size, the herd size, the width of the lanes if they need to be able to take vehicles through.

Also we need to assess the position of the unit in relation to the road design, sometimes we have to design to the existing elevation of the road so that we can install the correctly specified unit to the installation specifications

Ground water is a governing factor in the designing faze. There are several different options for this situation but if you are intending to situate your underpass in a alluvial area then you need to test the ground water level over winter so that you know the worst case for ground water level

Options we have used in the past are using low-profile units and even raising the road over the top to keep away from the ground water. The best option is to remove ground water and keep it separate from the effluent.

Underground Services

underground servicesWe have experience with the following installations:

  • PVC for General reticulation, eg: Sewer / Storm water mains to design
  • MDPE Electro-Fusion joining and pipe line installation
  • FRP Fibre-Glass reinforced Pipe Jointing and installation
  • PVC PN for Rising main / water main networks
  • Grade designed sub-soil drainage systems
  • Installation of Underpasses
  • Effluent Disposal systems


earthworksWe can design and quantify specific earthworks projects and submit unit rates or hourly rates for the following:

  • Construction of water containment or treatment ponds
  • Gas vented subsoil drained HDPE Lined or GCL Lined containment ponds
  • Road formation and Watertable work
  • General earthworks using lasers

Health & Safety Systems and Procedures

We are currently working on ACC accreditation through SECURO Partners in Safety Solutions.

  • Hazard Register (Currently being reviewed for up-grade)
  • Staff Training and experience Records
  • Health & Safety Hand Books Issued to staff members
  • Hazard Identification Form and Site toolbox meetings
  • Emergency Procedure in utes and machines
  • Machine maintenance records
  • First Aid Qualification (All Staff)
  • Site Safe Qualification (All Staff)
  • Confined Space Qualification (3 Staff)


  • Radio Simplex
  • Cell Phones
  • E.P.E.R.B Emergency Beacon for remote areas